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Since you’re here, that must mean you are searching for an AMAZING, EPIC, IMMERSIVE, ADVENTURE, and WOW FACTOR gaming experience!   We are the GAME CHANGERS here at FUNtastic Games, your search is over!

What puts FUNtastic Games at a HIGHER LEVEL of FUN? We are glad you asked!

NO ONE in the quad-state (Md, Va, Pa, and WV) areas have the complete state-of-the-art, high-end technology integrated like we do.  Here at FUNtastic Games, WE BRING THE FUN TO YOU!  We are the first in America to offer the technology that we utilize, to provide you with the BEST immersive experience!  No need to just take our word for it, check out the 5 STAR REVIEWS on our website (click here) and on Google (click here). Reviews will open in a new window. 

NOT JUST FOR KIDS!  Adults, teens, pre-teens, and kids ALL HAVE EPIC FUN!

If you think Game Trucks are nice, once you are inside of our Video Game Arena you will understand why it is called, “EPIC Video Game Arena”! The Tactical Laser Tag experience that we offer is beyond what words can describe and second to none!

Want to see for yourself?  Click the following link to see a glimpse of what FUNtastic Games has waiting for you!  Click Here (video will open in a new window)

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We Have the BEST Customers!

Jacquelyn (Jackie)
Jacquelyn (Jackie)
Eric was great to work with and very flexible. You get to work directly with owner and he has a wonderful team!
Nani Harris
Nani Harris
OMG!!!! It was the best time. It was for my grandson who turned 6 and he had an AMAZING TIME!! Not just for kids…the hubby and my 2 grown sons had a blast. Eric and Jerimiah (sure I didn’t spell it correctly) were oh so AWESOME!! We will definitely will be do in this again in the summer and add the tactical games. Guys, if you can’t think of how to celebrate a loved ones special day and they are gamers, this is the real deal!! We will see FUNTASTIC again and again!!! BIG UPS to the crew, you made my grandsons day.
Samantha Luttrell
Samantha Luttrell
Wow! Everyone kids and adults had a funtastic time! The trailer is a kids dream with all the electronics and even those big kids too! The laser tag was spread out, and organized well to have an epic match! Very nice, friendly, professional and fun staff! Clean and sanitized equipment, the traveling trailer gives the ability to not be limited in your destination or event! Brings a fun new adventure and experience to parties! Book this company and have fun!!!!
Jason Mckay
Jason Mckay
We had a BLAST!!!!! From the VR headsets to the PlayStation and Xbox systems were awesome! It might have been cold and rainy outside but inside the trailer is were the real party was happening. Kids might have been a little jealous us adults were having the most fun, but all in all we made and excellent choice in booking this guy! Thank you for all your help and offering this awesome experience. Will book again!!!!
Monica Taylor
Monica Taylor
My sons attended a Birthday party and part of the event line up was a gaming truck by FUNtastic Games. The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were a wide variety of games to choose from and the gentlemen did a great job of explaining the ins and outs of each game. Highly recommend the guys at FUNtastic Games!
Michael Rueda
Michael Rueda
Eric is the man! Amazing experience and customer service! We booked the FUNtastic game truck for my son’s bday and we had a blast. They had 3-4 games going at the same. Very clean and updated. And my wife was kinda nervous about having a game truck parked in front of our house for a few hours, but Eric took charge and made sure it wasn’t in the way. This made us feel more comfortable and the experience truly surpassed expectations. Will def book again!
Norman Hunt
Norman Hunt
Wonderful experience for my son’s birthday party. Absolutely, easy for parents/party hosts because Eric and his crew take care of everything. Eric has a fantastic temperament perfect for kids’ parties. He covers WV and the superior option for western Frederick County. Kids parties, adult parties, and everything in between are great options to bring the party to you and keep the stress of entertaining everyone off the hosts. Book it now if you’re considering a gaming truck!
Stephanie Mason
Stephanie Mason
My son’s 9th birthday was such a hit because of this amazing gaming truck with FUNtastic games! We all had the best day. Communication and booking was very easy and all questions were answered. They arrived promptly and set up in our driveway. Staff were engaging and helped the kids. We would absolutely book another party! Highly recommend!!

Click on the links below to explore what WOW Factor FUN filled immersive amazing epic experiences that are awaiting you by FUNtastic Games.

EPIC Video Game Mobile Arena

Mobile arena with stadium seating, state of the art technology, laser light show, 28 gamers play at once

Tactical Laser Tag

Think of Call of Duty, you are living the game, you are the game with no pain and no extra cost for ammo

e-SPORTS League

Can win money while having fun or just play for fun, no registered pros competing in this league

Added FUN

you do not see that every day

FUN Events

Some ideas when we can

FUNraisers (FUND with FUN)

Raise funds, do not have to run the event, raise a higher margin than most fund raisers offer

NOW YOU CAN BE SET FREE to be able to entertain without a ton of planning, create crazy fun moments, show appreciation that will be talked about for a very long time as the best ever experience! Everyone will be raving over how your event was EPIC and how the WOW FACTOR was AMAZING, plus you have an easy way to ENTERTAIN FROM 7 YEARS OLD through the GOLDEN YEARS STRESS FREE! Does it get any better than this? Why, yes it does!

It gets better because FUNtastic Games have spent years investing in research, technology, training and innovating experiences that produce TOP LEVEL QUALITY, not to only bring the best FUN to you but to also bring opportunity.

FUNtastic Games developed opportunities for you that will create an atmosphere that can develop special bonding moments, happiness, positive health wellness through FUN, learning teamwork through FUN, help to develop confidence through achievements, create a community of belonging and to be able to give back to the surrounding communities.


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