EPIC Video Game Mobile Arena

Gaming together increases the game play to a more exciting experience but what if you can take it to even a higher level of FUN?

What if you did not have to worry about buffering or that delay response you get at home or over a friend’s house within the game? Playing online with others is fun but what if you could have 28 of your gaming family or friends together all at one time?

With FUNtastic Games you can have 28 gamers playing at once, no buffering and no delay response since our network can handle data transfer speeds up to 40 Gigabytes Per Second. Now that is EXTREEMLY FAST and FUNtastic Games is EXTREEMLY FUN!

The only delay response you will find with FUNtastic Games, is when you are mesmerized by our WOW FACTOR and your eyes to brain signals are delayed because you cannot believe what your seeing! That is how we roll!

Our EPIC Video Game Mobile Arena (not to get confused with a typical Game Truck) has stadium seating, 7 big screen TVs, multiple X-Boxes; PS4 and Nintendo Switches, climate controlled, a FUN laser light show (not harmful to the eyes) and a game coach to help provide the best experience!!!

No this is not a dream, not joking around either, not even any exaggerations involved but true to life reality.

FUNtastic Games, we are the GAME CHANGERS!!!


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