About Us

We are a family and veteran owned business established in Feb. 2017. Our story starts with, When life happens, where do you go from there?

Many years ago in a land far, far, away (well maybe not in a land far away). Growing up there wasn’t anything established around us that would’ve provided a fun, immersive experience.  The only options we had were a fast food restaurant and a dinner, which both were out of town, nothing else really.  There wasn’t anything to do together, and the WOW factor was not even a factor that existed or yet to be known at that time.  No, it was not back in the horse and buggy days with candles used for lights…haha.  I thought to myself, I would like to be the one to change that.

Next thing you know, high school graduation was over and off to the Army for the next few years. Then, within a blink  (years later on vacation), my family and I decided we wanted to have some additional fun at some attractions that were not far from the place we were staying. The excitement and bonding time we had experienced, participating in those attractions together was A LOT of FUN.  The memories we developed there will last a life time, it was AMAZING!

At that moment looking at my children’s (pre-teen and teens) faces flooded with joy, and the experience that we had together, set a blaze of desire within me to establish immersive experiences that I could bring to everyone.  The type of experiences that would set the opportunities for special moments of bonding between people.  The best of times are with friends and family! Yes, my children are my inspiration, drive, desire and determination against all odds along with strength fueled by faith.

We wanted to bring a HIGHER LEVEL of quality with a “GAME CHANGER” approach.  One that delivers a WOW FACTOR of FUN,  that desire created the establishment of FUNtastic Games, LLC

Since we are a mobilized company, we spend a lot of time INVESTING IN YOU!

We deliver EPIC FUN at a HIGHER LEVEL with a WOW FACTOR IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE, helping you create AMAZING MOMENTS.  This contributes to BETTER HEALTH, both emotionally and physically.

We provide a convenient online experience, a STRESS-FREE approach to planning and booking GAME CHANGING EVENTS with us.  We understand, at times you may need to reach out with questions and we have made that very convenient for you to do.

FUNtastic Games is here for you! However, most of the time we are bringing the FUNtastic experience to others.  We devote 100% of that time to our FUNtastic Games family (yes, that means you) that has booked an event with us.

Please feel free to reach out to us, using the below contact information and we well respond as soon as we can.