Traditional advertising can be expensive to say the least. Statistics show that on average for small business, advertising can be between $20,000 to $40,000 dollars a year. Not every small business can afford that but every small business needs an advertising and a marketing strategy to grow.

Mail out advertising return on investment is just not affordable for the most part. Billboards are good advertising but the focused attention from potential customers/clients is lacking. Additionally, with billboards location is everything and most of the best billboard locations are already being used, plus it is a best a guess estimate on who will actually see it. Social media advertising is great as long as you have time to manage it.

What can FUNtastic Games Advertising package offer you?

FUNtastic Games Mobile Arena conveniently is constantly reaching out into residential, commercial, special events, FUNraisers (fund with FUN), camps, schools, churches and the list goes on; that allows us to reach thousands with direct interaction and full on attention.

Not like mailers that get tossed in the trash, or social media advertisements that get skipped or a billboard that may not get read in order to drive safely; when FUNtastic Games Mobile Arena is on site, it is the customer’s choice and we have 100% of their already given attention.

FUNtastic Games Mobile Arena has a TV located at the main entry that everyone can see which loops advertisements for those that want to advertise or market events, business, services or products (all events, businesses, services or products must be family friendly). You can provide the graphic image or 10 second video (7-10 seconds is the max attention consumers will give statistically) or FUNtastic Games can produce one for you at an additional value-added investment.

Having that 100% attention provides you an outstanding focused target group reach but it does not stop there, however it also reaches further as FUNtastic Games will also include the graphic or video on our website where every FUNtastic Game family member (aka: customer) goes to book FUNtastic Games available FUN!

More than likely the thought crossed your mind that with this large number of focus targeted attention to see your advertisement or marketing approach provided by FUNtastic Games Advertising, how much will this investment be? It will NOT be $700 plus per month like a mail out package can cost you, it will NOT be $600 plus a month for a billboard package and it will NOT be $300 plus a month for social media advertising.

To invest into your growth and reach further with FUNtastic Games Advertising, there is an annual subscription of $99 per month. That is correct, we are not missing any zeros in that number, only $99 per month (must be family friendly and approved by FUNtastic Games)!

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