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Added Fun

Jumbo 4 Connect Games

Jumbo Tumbling Tower Games

Corn Hole Games

Top Aim Disk Games

Kan Jam Disk Throwing Games

Bucket Ball Games

Carnival Ring Bag Games

Ring It Score Games

EPIC Video Game Mobile Arena

20 gamers inside & 8 gamers outside

Laser Light Show

Stadium Seating

Climate Controlled

Wow Factor Delivered

Not Just For Kids

More than the average game truck!

We host the fun for you!


Tactical Laser Tag

10 players at once (additional, rotate in)

Realistic High Tech Gear

Free Roam (no cable tethering)

Works 100% Day or Night

Interactive State-of-the-Art Gear

Not Just For Kids

Mission Games & Team -vs- Team

We host the fun for you!