FUNtastic FUNdraiser (Fund with FUN)

Fund with FUN through FUNdraisers provided by FUNtastic Games!

How many fund raisers do you take on in a year? It depends on what your goal or need is, but it can take up a lot of time, planning and coordinating for fund raisers that can provide a higher funding ability.

One thing that everyone values is time.

What if you had the opportunity to have a fund raiser that will RAISE HIGH FUNDING AMOUNTS that takes very, very little effort on your part and is FUN?

It is here, it is here, FUNdraisers can raise funds through FUN raising funding for up to $1,100.00 with very little effort on your part with ONLY ONE FUNdraiser!!!

All you do is pre-sell tickets that we provide you and we do the rest.  That is right, no stress and no mess for you to deal with!

FUN filled excitement and a WOW factor experience that will have people waiting for you to have another FUNdraiser once it is over!

What is included:

  • EPIC Video Game Arena (high tech coolness)
  • 20 gamers at once (full capacity inside)
  • Cleaning between games (clean FUN)
  • Multiple Game Coaches (awesomeness)
  • Laser Light Show (not harmful to the eyes, not that kind of laser)
  • WOW Factor experience (because that is what we do)
  • Printable FUNraiser Tickets (will be e-mailed)


What is needed by you, book the FUNdraiser and pre-sell tickets prior to the FUNdraiser. Yes, that easy and that is all!