FUNtastic Games e-SPORTS Team

Have you ever wanted to be able to compete for money or hardware wining prizes but not against the registered professionals or just have the option to chill and play for FUN with Player -vs- Player (PvP)?

Now you can by joining the FUNtastic Games’ e-SPORTS Team!

FUNtastic Games e-SPORTS Team is a member of an e-sports league that offers money or hardware prizes for competition champions.

Not only do you get prizes for winning competitions but every time you play, the league picks the top 60 gamer scores (top 6 gamers taking their top 10 scores across 6 games) from our team to represent FUNtastic Games in the Center -vs- Center competition (team members never play against each other), so it is a WIN – WIN!!!

When FUNtastic Games wins Center -vs- Center and your score was part of the winning factor, you will receive additional prizes from FUNtastic Games too!

You can play from your home or anywhere that has an internet connection and not only be restricted to playing at the FUNtastic Games e-SPORTS mobile arena (although your chances for earning a higher score is greater since we have no delays, no buffers and can process 40Gbps of data). Everyday has a new engagement compared to the other days of the week, so boredom is a thing of the past!

As a member of FUNtastic Games e-SPORTS Team, it is important to play at a minimum 5 games per month. This will help you to have a higher chance at winning prizes and just because it is FUN!!! If you want to level up faster, than all you need to do to help boost you there is to play more verity of games across all the games.

Center -vs- Center (CvC), lasts over a period of 8 weeks playing 6 games and the 9th week will render the championship matches along with awarding money or hardware prizes to the champions.

Smurfing is monitored by the platform, so be careful to not lose your ranking.