Tactical Laser Tag

What if a game could come to life such as Call of Duty? Think of the concept of Call of Duty that includes team -vs- team conquering game play but also missions that each team has to achieve while surviving to win the game!

YES, you LIVE the GAME immersing yourself with all of your 5 senses and the adrenaline pumping creating extreme fun all at the same time and great for team building too!

Yep, that’s what’s up with FUNtastic Games Tactical Laser Tag. Oh, but wait, there is more…. the Tactical Laser Tag technology that FUNtastic Games have is the same core technology as the military uses for training which provides accurate aim up to 1,000 feet. When you think it cannot get much better than that, it does… the laser taggers used by FUNtastic Games are the most realistic replicas of what you would expect to only experience in the military.

                                     Changing the Game

FUNtastic Games is the 1st in the quad state area (Md; Pa; Va; WV) to offer this level of state of the art technology. With our realistic taggers, we are one out of the seven in the nation (we are one of two on the east coast) that has this type of equipment used for our Tactical Laser Tag game play!
We can set up the tactical laser tag games in woods, fields, yards, parking lots and in buildings, we got you! When there are areas that you want to have the game play and there are not any existing obstacles, no worries, we will bring obstacles to set up.

FUNtastic Games, indoors or outdoors, we are the Game Changers!


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