Game Truck

We Are More Than A Game Truck

As the saying goes, “Do not judge a book by it’s cover”. On the outside Game Trucks may look the same with cool designs but on the inside, FUNtastic Games’ EPIC Video Game Arena brings the WOW FACTOR that surpasses the typical Game Truck.

We have had a few people be kind enough to let us know they did a search on the internet using the keyword, “Game Truck” and FUNtastic Games never showed up on the search list.

Why did that happen? A very good question and let us look at the “why” together.

FUNtastic Games has an EPIC Video Game Arena (we have heard people call it a Theater or a Limo before) which offers a WOW FACTOR experience over what a Game Truck provides.

What is a “Game Truck” and does FUNtastic Games have a Game Truck?

Game Trucks are nice and provide a fun experience with console gamming. When FUNtastic Games was developing the attractions in the planning stages, we wanted to focus on providing an amazing experience with a jaw dropping reaction creating a WOW FACTOR for you! Those design ideas birthed our EPIC Video Game Arena, to be much more than a Game Truck.

As you may find in some of our reviews (on this website, Facebook & Instagram [both are @FUNtastic.Games.EPIC.FUN], Google, and Yelp), statements that they have never seen anything like FUNtastic Games has to offer before or how clean and looking like new that FUNtastic Games keeps the EPIC Video Game Arena or FUNtastic Games EPIC Video Game Arena is way better than the Game Truck we had last year, and the comments keep going on about the amazing experiences FUNtastic Games provided them.

The above is the condensed version of how our EPIC Video Game Arena is way more than a Game Truck but to really understand, you will want to experience the EPIC Video Game Arena for yourself.

We look forward to bringing you EPIC FUN!

We Are The Game Changers!